Q. Can we get images for social media on a rush basis? How about couples portraits on the same evening of our event?

A. Absolutely. We provide onsite editing as needed, so that you can keep your social media current. We can also print onsite and give prints to your guests on the night of your event.

Q. How many staff photographers do you employ?

A. David Braun shoots every event himself, according to his availability. (All photos on this site were taken by David.) We have a team of full-time professional photographers we bring in as needed to help cover large-scale events. If David is previously booked, we can provide seasoned professionals of similar caliber to handle your convention, conference or event.

Q. We received a bid for our conference that was much lower than yours. Why?

A. We bring our many years of experience in covering conferences and events, along with state-of-the-art equipment and multiple equipment backups. There will always be low bidders, who tend to show up with one camera and far less skill and experience. We consistently shoot images at the same quality level as the images you see in our galleries. We've had our clients tell us that with their previous photographer, they couldn't find enough usable images, but with us, there were too many great images to choose from! You can rely on us to always provide you with the best in conference and event photography, at a fair price.

Q. Fred in Accounting just got a new camera and has taken some great photos around the office. Shouldn't we give him a chance to shoot our conference?

A. All the best to Fred, but you really get what you pay for. Shooting a handful of good images is not the same as covering a full conference with all its varied requirements. (See above answer.) You need images you can use on your website, social media, etc, and we will provide you with a Dropbox folder, USB drive, or DVD full of excellent images, all of publication quality.

Q. What happens if you get sick or have an emergency?

A. Every contingency is always covered. We have skilled photographers available at a moment's notice, whenever and wherever required.

Q. Where are you located?

A. David divides his time between Las Vegas and California, and travels worldwide to cover conferences.

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